Let the beauty you love be what you do. --Rumi


Amylia Grace is a writing coach, editor, and freelance writer. She is also an internationally published poet. Amylia works with private clients to help them reach their long-term or short-term goals. Whether it's offering ongoing help to entrepreneurs revising copy and content on their website, or working with researchers and scholars on proposals or articles for publication, Amylia's experience as a writer, teacher, coach, and published author has been priceless for many of her clients.

Prior to launching her coaching and writing career, Amylia taught writing and English around the world. Beginning as an inner-city high school teacher in her hometown of Milwaukee, Amylia wanted to help people beyond her corner of the world, as well. Owing much of her own love of language to a supportive high school German teacher who encouraged her to apply for a scholarship to Germany that changed her young life, Amylia brought that passion for learning new languages and cultures across the globe. Whether it was teaching English to girls in a one-room schoolhouse (without desks!) in rural India, or during her years helping budding scientists and engineers in Taiwan improve their written and spoken English, Amylia left a lasting impression on her students, and stays in touch to this day.

Based in Iowa City, Amylia works with private clients from around the world, customizing her coaching to better meet the needs of individual clients. Amylia has over a decade of experience helping students prepare for the rigors of college and graduate work, and has since coached many people returning to school or work through the daunting application process, whether it's writing a personal statement, cover letter, or accentuating their talents, gifts, and experiences on a resume or application. Having the courage to start writing is the hardest part," Amylia insists. "If you start, no matter how imperfectly, together we can get it to where it needs to be."

Past clients include private universities, distinguished professors, doctors, PhD students, publishing companies, solopreneurs, bloggers, non-native English speakers, aspiring writers, and everyone in-between. She's even helped newly single folks find love online by helping them craft a honest and compelling online profile. "People sometimes laugh when I tell them that," Amylia says, "but you honor yourself and others when you are able to express who you are and what you're about genuinely and succinctly. People appreciate that." 

Amylia loves being a writing coach because she has seen over and over again how it changes lives and helps people realize their dreams and goals. No matter your history, Amylia says "the key is not only honing the gifts and talents you've got, but using the obstacles and challenges in life as catalysts for positive change and growth." Whether you're writing an article or launching a business, it starts with getting clear and being willing to let go of that which no longer serves you. "That applies to unnecessary commas and flowery words as much as it does to outmoded beliefs and attitudes," Amylia insists. 

Amylia has private clients from around the world. If you need help with your writing, please email her to set up a free "getting acquainted" call.